Jon went to work just like any other government employee. The commute wasn't too bad except for the Underground in the rush hour. A quick walk to the office followed by the usual good mornings to / from his colleagues.

Jon's main task today was to check the massive database that held details all 65 million residents of the UK.

Someone had reported a couple of anomalies where it seemed that there were a few people over 200 years old still walking around. Obviously this was impossible so Jon examined one of the records.

Computerisation didn't really get going until the 1970s so there were probably lots of errors, software bugs, glitches and typos when the original paper system was transferred into the newer system.

Born 1805 July 15th said the screen, no birth certificate, no death certificate, this was odd thought Jon. He wondered if he should delete the record and solve the problem that way. This person was long dead so who would notice.

Jon did a cross search and to his astonishment found an active driving licence, bank accounts and tax returns.

He decided his best course of action was to escalate it to his boss, who would probably send an official letter asking the person to clarify his particulars.

Jon went back to the main database to checkout the other anomaly.

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