The Shard in London
Liam sat on a seat by the window and gazed over London. A few hundred yards away was the shard glistening in the sunlight.

His next client was like something out of the classic movie "Highlander" or "Man From Earth", he had been around for a very long time and people were getting suspicious.

"Hello Liam" said the man, "Pleased to meet you."

Liam looked the man up and down, and he certainly didn't look 257 years old.

"I don't expect you to believe me when I tell you I was born in 1764, however I do need to move my wealth under-the-radar" the man continued.

"OK, that's what we specialise in" Liam assured him.

"As I'm sure you can appreciate, it's impossible to have a bank account for more than 150 years without something flagging-up on a computer somewhere" the man laughed "So, every once in a while I have to pretend to croak, move my wealth to a new identity and then assume that identity"

"OK" said Liam "How much wealth and in what form is it ?" he continued, wondering what volume of wealth could be acquired in 257 years.

"Well, the total is around £1 billion in property, investments, gold, diamonds and of course cash" answered the man "... one of the properties is a castle" he added.

"The capital gains tax would be devastating" Liam added, "What's the value of the castle and where is it ?"

"It's Leeds castle in Kent, and it's worth around £11 million" added the man.

"OK, what kind of time-scale are we looking at" enquired Liam, hope this wasn't a rush-job.

"No real rush. I've got about a decade before people start becoming suspicious. I last did this in 1935. There were no computers then, just paper systems, so it was easy to slip under-the-radar because there was no radar !" the man added in a relaxed way.

"OK, my team will come up with a plan, and we will contact you shortly" said Liam.

Leeds Castle

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