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London is a huge city, it's the 27th most populated city in the world, even beating New York. With a population of 8.6 million people and thousands of nightclubs you might think no one could possibly be lonely in London, but you would be quite wrong.

Social "clicks" will keep a soft barrier between you and a bunch of potential friends, and it's been noted that many Londoners walk around with "shields up" making the process of acquiring new friends even more dificult.

Luckily there are many organisations that can help lonely Londoners find new business partners, friends or even lovers.

  • London is also host to many business or social networks. These are a great way to meet like-minded people, and most importantly, they too are looking for new friends and contacts, so "breaking the ice" will be a lot easier, in fact The Luxe Club even has a policy where new members are personally greeted by the founder (Salima), so it's almost impossible to attend one of her events and not make any new friends.

  • Meet Up as it's name suggests provides a means for people to meet up and socialise.

  • Nightclubs are another good solution but as they tend to be very noisy it would be hard to have a decent conversation. That said, here are a few :-

    • McQueen Styled after the Hollywood icon, 'Mr Cool' Steve McQueen. 55-60 Tabernacle St, EC2A 4AA

    • Mahiki serves tropical-themed cocktails that literally 'smoke'. 1 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LD.

    • Trader Vic's can be found if you walk into the London Hilton (Park Lane) main entrance, turn left and go down a beautiful spiral staircase. It looks a bit like Mahiki inside. If you get bored of that, you can go to the top floor to Galvin of Windows to enjoy the views over the city with a cool beer.

  • Reddit has several sub-reddits dedicated to meeting people in (or around) London :-

    • London r4r is a subreddit designed to allow you to connect with other Redditors in London

    • London Friends was created in response to the number of "how do you make friends in London?" posts appearing on the main London sub.

  • Dating Sites can be useful as many organise get-togethers in local bars, but you have to learn to filter-out all the freaks, fakes and weirdos before you can build any meaningful friendships.

Members of The Golden Network were invited to the launch of a Piano Bar in 2017 - Meursault at L'Etranger, 36 Gloucester Rd, Kensington, London SW7 4QT

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