"I'm sorry, I can't see how you missed that. Even the tech said it was too obvious ! OK so 10 out of 10 for taking down a bunch of villains but minus several thousand points for getting the wrong villains." said a slightly angry DCI Alison Coulson.

" ... 'Wrong' villains !" said a confused DI Hanson.

"Yes, they knew about your sting before you did, led you by the nose to one of their competitors and then you allowed your systems to be compromised. They must be pissing themselves laughing." said DCI Coulson.

"They won't be laughing when I catch them" said DI Hanson

"IF you catch them ! Look, if there is some kind of 'wife disposal service' there must be a starting point, a case 'zero' if you like. You had two highly improbable car accidents with both husbands standing to gain substantially from their wives deaths, so why not start there." said DCI Coulson.

"OK, I'll start going through their financial records and emails." said DI Hanson.

"Jesus ! few people would be stupid enough to pay for a hit-man with their own credit card, so it's highly unlikely you'll find anything there. You are going to have to do some serious lateral thinking to get these guys. But before you do anything else, clean-up your systems, sort out the security and most importantly, find out how they got in and who might have helped them. You know, basic police stuff !" said DCI Coulson sarcastically.

"I just don't understand all this computer shit, I don't even have one at home." announced DI Hanson proudly.

"And there lies the problem, " said DCI Coulson " next you'll be saying you don't understand telephones, or electricity, or cars. This is the 21st century, get in it ... or get lost !"

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