Drettmann Yacht
"Bye Debz !" said the second man waving her goodbye. He watched her walk down the gangway onto dry land before turning around and getting back into the Jacuzzi with the others aboard the yacht.

Deborah took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping while looking around the city. After an hour or two she made her way back to her car. She took the usual precautions before approaching it like counter-surveillance protocols. When she got to the car she looked at the special indicator on the dashboard that would tell her if a device like a bomb or tracker had been attached to the car. When she was happy she unlocked the door and got in. Her system wasn't perfect but then no system ever is.

She pulled away and started her journey. She would have loved to stay a bit longer in Venice but she had a long drive ahead of her. The best part would be the Stelvio Pass; miles and miles of hairpin bends, sheer drops and breathtaking views. It was where parts of the classic movie "The Italian Job" were filmed.

Back on the yacht the two men were on the middle deck in the Jacuzzi.

"I think I know who's been blabbing to the police." said the second man staring intently at his laptop perched on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

"Who is it ?" asked the first man sliding round to get a better view of the screen.

"See here and here. these IP addresses belong to the local police and here is some text referring to Debz, her car and Venice." said the second man pointing at some lines from the access logs.

"OK, find out who that came from." said the first man picking up his mobile. "I'd better give Debz a heads-up."

Deborah was thinking of the days she spent on the yacht, the shopping in Venice and all the amazing clothes she had stashed in the boot. Her phone buzzed, and she looked at it to read the message.

"Oh fuck !" thought Deborah as she opened the special panel on the dash to reveal a touch screen. She touched 'RF Scan' ('Pig' Radar) and a map appeared with various symbols representing various types of radio transmission. She could see there were some police radio transmissions around her, mixed with mobile and WiFi signals from the surrounding buildings. She saw a gap in the police transmissions and drove through it. As soon as she changed direction she noticed a another burst of police transmissions implying they were radioing her new direction to each other.

Deborah had to find a way to shake them off, so she looked at some other options. She selected 'Pulse-jamming'. This system would wait until it sensed a police digital transmission and then it would send out very short pulses of high-powered radio energy that would make police communication around her impossible. The 'Pig' radar in Deborah's car went crazy as it filled with multiple re-transmissions as the following police cars tried in vain to communicate her position.

"Ah cracked it !" thought Deborah as she steered the car around one last corner, so she could head out of town. " ... that should keep them busy for a while."

Deborah settled down for the long drive by playing a "P!nk" CD and thought about her mission to recruit some more black-hats in Germany, an expert on moving diamonds in Switzerland, assortment of other potentially useful people around north Europe and ... more shopping !

Deborah was singing loudly along to P!nk's "Dear Mr. President" when she glanced at the touch screen and saw 'pig' icons behind and in front of her.

"Oh for fucks sake !" shouted Deborah stopping the CD. She looked at the map and to her dismay found she was cut-off, there was no way to avoid any of the police units converging on her. The 'pig' radar wasn't very accurate but it did give her a good idea of what was around her.

She looked at the screen and touched 'Protocols' and looked at the list. She touched 'Protocol 2' and quickly read the screen. She undid her seat belt. The on-board computer sent a message informing everyone that Deborah was about to execute a protocol. With her right hand on the steering wheel, she reached between her legs for a Velcro tab on her seat which she pulled away revealing a metal buckle. She pulled up the buckle and held it between her knees. She then reached down the left side of her seat and found another small tab.

The car was speeding up the mountain road so fast it was becoming difficult for Deborah to stay on the road, but it was important to put as much distance between her and her pursuers as possible. She pulled the tab and part of the seat cover tore away to reveal some straps which she pulled over her shoulders. The pursuing car was some way behind her now. She did the same with the other side of the seat, clipped the two straps together into the buckle between her legs and now she was ready.

"What the hell is that crazy bitch doing. She has nowhere to go, and she must know we have other units closing in on her !" said one of the men in the pursuing car a mile or two behind her.

Deborah loved her car but it was now very necessary for them to part company. As the car sped along the high, narrow mountain road she looked for a weak point in the stone wall. A few hundred yards later she found one on a sharp hairpin and steered the car straight through it. She was presented with a magnificent panoramic view as the car started its long arc towards the ground hundreds of feet below.

The penultimate task for the on-board computer was to blow the car doors off. She noticed the touch screen was showing a self-destruct sequence from Star Trek. As she dived out of the car she thought "Geek humour !! but thanks boys !" remembering those same geeks had made her impossible escape possible.

Deborah and her car were now flying through the air in similar arcs. Deborah pulled a rip-cord and floated away under a ram-air parachute. The car's on-board computer executed its last instruction which was to set off some C4 explosive which would completely destroy it and the other 'additions' that had been made to the car. It was very important that the police would see this as just an ordinary car when they sifted through the wreckage.

Deborah watched the explosion with some sadness, but she had more important things to do now like steer the parachute along the sides of the mountain, so she couldn't be seen by the pursuing car's occupants and find a good place to land and then hide.

"Did you see that flash just now, I think she went over the edge !" said one of the pursuing men. In the distance some smoke could be seen.

Deborah landed awkwardly and rolled down the mountain side a bit. She quickly got up and started gathering up her chute. It was still light so she had to move fast. She had to hide the chute and then hide herself until nightfall. She had done this before when she was in the forces but this time would be much easier as she didn't have to worry about people shooting at her.

She hid the chute at the foot of a bush and put some rocks around it to prevent the wind from blowing it away into sight. She found a larger bush and hid under that. She removed the chute container from her back and looked inside. She removed the contents and opened the first-aid kit. She put a plaster over a wound on her leg and on her arm. The easy bit was done, now for the long walk back to the nearest town. After a few miles Deborah could get coverage for her mobile phone, so she dialled.

"Hi boss, I'm very sorry, I had to destroy your amazing car. I was tailed and ran out of nice options." said Deborah apologetically.

"Don't worry, we suspected the police were on to you and we got the message from your car's computer. We'll talk later." said the first man.

"OK, I should be at the nearest town in a day or so and then I'll make my way to Safe House 2." Said Deborah hanging up and putting her phone away.

"Oh shit, we were right, Deborah has been made, she had to execute Protocol 2" said the first man.

"Why what happened ?" said the second man.

"When we dropped her off she drove away and quickly realised she was being tailed. She tried to shake them off in the city. She headed out along the mountain roads and drove off at the highest point. The car self-destructed and she parachuted away. Needless to say she will be out of things for a few days. She will make her way to Safe House 2" said the first man.

"Strewth, she doesn't fuck about ! ... what about us ?" said a concerned second man.

"We have to assume they are watching our Rolls-Royce, so instead of Ramsgate, where I suspect they will be watching out for us to pick it up, we should make our way to Cows instead" said the first man.

"What about the Rolls ?" said the second man.

"We will simply leave it there. All the time the car remains there, the police will have to allocate manpower to watch it which means less manpower to annoy us. In about a year we will arrange to have it 'stolen' by one of our guys." said the first man.

"How will we know the police are still watching it ?" asked the second man.

"We can remotely tap into the car's 'pig' radar and other sensors" said the first man.

"What about this yacht, could the police trace us here ?" asked the second man.

"Unlikely. If you remember, we split up when we left the Rolls in the car park block and did counter-surveillance protocols all the way to the yacht." said the first man.

"If they have been tailing Debz, they might know about the locations of the other units." said the second man.

"Debz always parks a distance from the units, leaves her mobile in her car and walks in following counter-surveillance protocols like we do, so it's unlikely they have been compromised. But start moving them to new locations soon just in case." said the first man.

"OK, I'll get the units moving and setup a few distractions for the police." said the second man.

"What method are you going to use this time ?" asked the first man.

"A few strategically placed bomb scares combined with a fake shoot-out should draw any police away from our guys and use up their resources." said the second man.

"OK best start that ASAP and tell Anton he has a bad team member." said the first man.

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