The police are investigating the disappearance of several very wealthy people. In each case much of their wealth had simply vanished into thin air, often leaving their spouse with little or nothing. In some cases their spouses were secretly planning to divorce them.

This continues on from The Spouse Disposal Service

All characters and their opinions are figments of the author's weird imagination. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is just too bad.


  1. Protocol 1 The previous team disbands - for now.

  2. Deja Vu A woman thinks she sees her dead husband.

  3. Potential Customer "You need to protect your wealth".

  4. Three's a Crowd Emily suspects her husband is having an affair.

  5. The Briefing Liam briefs Andrew on how they move wealth under-the-radar.

  6. Interference.

  7. Live Fast, Die Young.

  8. Belize: Sin City Harry's plan to kill Emily doesn't quite go according to plan, neither does Emily's !

  9. Highlander There can be only one !

Chapter 1
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