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There seem to be many Victoria Salems, so here are some of the more famous ones listed below :-

Victoria Salem TGN
Dr Victoria Salem is a senior clinical research fellow in the Section of Investigative Medicine. After completing specialist training (2016) in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine, she undertook prestigious Diabetes UK Harry Keen Clinician Scientist Fellowship.

Her research interests are in appetite control, neuroendocrinology and the gut brain axis as applied to the treatment of obesity.
In 2002 she graduated from the Royal Free and University College London School of Medicine with a first class intercalated BSc in Medical Physics.

Victoria Salem TGN
After moving to London from her home city of Paris, Victoria worked for a few prestigious corporations, she started her own company, The Golden Network, to help people in finance (and later, other professionals) network together more effectively.

After re-locating to Paris, she wrote a few articles (mostly in French) about the virtues of networking , coaching and training :-
After five years, this effort seems to have morphed into online courses, coaching and training, with the original website shut down with just a holding-page. She recently started a property company based in Playa del Carmen (Mexico) with her mother, Valerie.

Victoria in bikini
This Victoria lives in Washington, USA. It must have been a very warm part of the US for her to wear that bikini and not have frozen to death.

She likes Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Zayn, Feminist Frequency, IMG Models, Miley Ray Cyrus - who was best known for twerking and singing "Jolene" with Dolly Parton.

She goes by the Twitter handle of "ToTarawan1", so it's a bit of a mystery why she calls herself Victoria - unless that's just a name of a place near her.

Victoria with baby
Here is Victoria with her new born child.

It looks like the pregnancy went without any problems and wish mother and baby well. As this links to MySpace which ceased to be popular many years ago, this photo is probably over ten years old.

Bikinis on the beach
One of these semi-naked, bikini-wearing women is Victoria Salem, who is an accomplished gymnast. In 2017 she was the runner-up on bars at the NorCal State Championships 016 JO Nationals beam champion. In 2016 she came second on bars and seventh all-around Bar champion, second all-around, third on vault and fourth on beam and floor at Regionals.

Victoria the tattooed model
She has been modelling for over four years. She doesn't describe herself as a model but she definitely enjoys it and would probably like to do more.

She isn't what most would call a model because she is of average height, not stick-thin, tattooed and pierced. but she believes that women like her are just as beautiful and capable of taking a good photo.

No photos are available for these

  • Victoria Salem (Emma Annette) was born in Maida Vale, London during the 1970s. She experienced the bad times including weekly power-cuts. She was expelled from school for running around naked during sports day in front of many parents. She started a business sourcing various types of perfumes but went bankrupt a couple of years alter. The stress of losing her business caused her to lose a lot of weight and her friends started to worry about how thin she was getting, especially when wearing a bikini as you could see her bones and her ribs protruding. She eventually married David because she loved his red sports car.

  • Victoria B Salem had a very distinguished career as head-hunter in the early 1980s. She managed to find and place many top executives and managers in some Europe's biggest corporations. Her career was brought to a screeching halt when her lesbian lover got jealous and accused her of corruption in 1993. After a long and painful investigation it was determined that she was innocent but the damage was done. She left her job and wen travelling around Africa looking for new opportunities but eventually settled in Thailand.

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