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Before we start 5GW (warfare) has little to do with 5G (Mobile phones). This is not meant to be an instruction manual, simply a description of what is happening right now.

Previous warfare generations :-

  • 1st Generation Warfare refers to the ancient battles fought with massed manpower (uniformed soldiers) often arranged in line and column formations governed by the state.

  • 2nd Generation Warfare refers to the early modern tactics used after the invention of the rifled musket and breech-loading weapons. It continued through the development of the machine gun and indirect fire. The term was created by the US military in 1989. Example: World War 1

  • 3rd Generation Warfare refers to the use of modern technology-derived tactics of leveraging speed, stealth and surprise to bypass the enemy's lines of defence and collapse their forces from the rear. Essentially, this was the end of linear warfare on a tactical level, with units seeking not simply to meet each other face to face but to out-maneuver each other to gain the best advantage. Examples: World War 2 and the 1st Gulf War.

  • 4th Generation Warfare refers to decentralised forms of warfare often blurring the lines between war and politics. The simplest definition would include wars in which one of the major participants is not a state but rather a violent non-state actors like terrorist using guerrilla tactics. This is sometimes referred as "asymmetric warfare".

  • 5th Generation Warfare refers to when the world's disaffected direct their desperation at the most obvious symbol of everything they lack, often resulting in the destruction of the infrastructure that supports them.

    This hostility is often stealthily manipulated, directed and supported by hostile states. In many cases the target may not even know it is being attacked, thus the target has already lost that battle. This is what we will be exploring below.

    In 2020 the world had to contend with the Corona virus which forced everyone to stay in their homes (thus crashing the economy) and later on massive rioting over the killing of a black man (George Floyd) by a policemen. It became clear that the rioting had little to do with the killing and many feared that the rioting would allow the Corona virus to take hold again. Many were arrested for going to church but rioters were let-off, leaving many normal people very confused.

    From a 5GW perspective this makes perfect sense: encourage people (via the media) to stay locked-down thereby crashing the economy, encourage rioting to spread the virus and destroy as many businesses as possible - all without the hostile state having to fire a shot !

Basic Steps :-

  1. Infiltrate universities it's important to indoctrinate the next generation as fast as possible. They must believe that nothing is their fault, their country is evil, all politicians are corrupt, all police are only there to protect the rich and being successful is evil.

  2. Infiltrate the media

  3. Infiltrate protest groups

  4. Discredit institutions

  5. Polarise society Now that you have control of the media you can carefully write articles that slowly and subtly turn people of different opinions against each other - pitting rich against poor, young against old, black against white and men against women.

    • Wealth Make everyone falsely believe that the "wealth pie" is a fixed size, implying that the wealthy have somehow taken everybody else's share.

    • Gender Write articles that reinforce the idea that women are only after men for their wealth, all men are rapists, marriage is oppression and encourage divorce. Suppress any article that suggests that single-parent families produce more delinquents.

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