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The nightmare scenario. Your boss calls you into his/her office, and you foolishly think they want to promote you, but to your horror they show you the results of a search they did on your name. You look down the list and there it is, a link to an article about the time you were stopped by the police for being over the limit. Even though your fine was fairly small, the repercussions will be huge.

Your boss basically says they don't want anyone with a criminal record in any executive position in the company, and to that end, they will not be promoting you for the foreseeable future.

Deep down, you wish you could have seen this and somehow pushed the offending article down onto page two of the search results.

There are solutions to this problem. There are organizations that can "push down" hostile web pages :-

  • XR1 has it's BackWatch project, which can deflect searches away and detect when searches are being made, who is making them and the context.
  • Some more commentary

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