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Peter Blue + Charles Chauhan
Charles Chauhan (shown on the right in Mahiki Nightclub) started his professional career as a fashion designer and had created a diverse portfolio. He then tried his hand at film production and became an executive for a feature-length film some time later.

Later he managed and implemented many TV marketing campaigns many involving the press. Charles was later involved with a PoS (Point of Sales) and online campaigns.

Later on in his professional career, Charles became CEO and founder of B2B credit card company, and later on, a video rights and distribution company located in the UK. If that wasn't enough, Charles also got involved with a European switched telecommunications provider.

In 1985 Charles became a property developer with large projects in the UK, Caribbean and Central America as his list of achievements.

Charles has also business developer at Zamora and is now Director of International Relations at Tokenise which specialises in new financial products using a block-chain.

Charles is also a member of The Golden Network which was formed in 2014 by Paris-born entrepreneur Victoria Salem who was based in West London but moved to Florida (USA).
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