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Tesla electric car
Electric Cars are here thanks to Elon Musk's Tesla and many others who believe that electric is the way forward.

We have had various electric vehicles for many years like milk floats that delivered milk to people's doorsteps in the 1970s, many trains are electric but the main problem was batteries and to a lesser extent, motors.

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion), Molten Salt (Na-NiCl2), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and Lithium Sulphur (Li-S), all of them having the same electric energy storage capacity.

There are three ways to acquire an electric car :-

  1. Purchase Because of the new technology involved, electric cars are still expensive but with each passing iteration they will get cheaper.

  2. Convert Some classic cars are timeless but can have their drive-chain converted to an all-electric system. London Electric Cars is just such a company. Their goal is to get more people driving electric cars. There are 1 billion cars in the world. As we convert to an electrically propelled society are we going to scrap all those cars? Instead, let's develop affordable ways of converting those cars to electric. They offer bespoke conversions.

  3. Build There are kits available that allow fairly skilled people to build their own electric car.

There seem to be many arguments against electric cars, many come from the established power companies afraid of change. Here are a few advantages of electric over petrol vehicles (By petrol we also mean diesel) :-

  • Petrol comes from one source, electricity can come from many sources like solar, wind, hydro or tide.

  • Electric cars can use regenerative breaking to put electricity back into the battery when breaking, instead of converting it into heat as in petrol cars.

  • When a petrol car waits by the traffic lights, the engine idles, using fuel. An electric car will simply turn it's engine(s) off completely.

  • Electric motors provide good torque even at zero RPM.

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