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Category: Electronics

  • Diode What does a diode do in electronic circuits ?

  • Electronic Components Electronic Components like resistors, capacitors, coils, diodes, transistors

  • Electronics Electronics is the physics, engineering, technology and applications that deal with the emission, flow and control of electrons.

  • Power KW, MW, GW ... How to visualise power or energy. 1 bar heater is about one kilowatt. One Gigawatt would be an area about the size of six Eiffel towers side by side full of 1KW bar heaters.

  • Repairing Valve Equipment Repairing Valve Equipment like radios, amplifiers and televisions

  • Thermionic Valve Thermionic Valve or Vacuum tube is an early form of active device. They were used as diodes or amplifiers in electronic circuits in the 1900s until they were replaced with semiconductors like transistors and integrated circuits.

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