Example Mission #1

Level: Beginner.
Duration: 4 hours ish.
Location: London / Canterbury
Players: 2~4. Prize: £100 ~ £400.
Fox = Spy, Hounds = Security Forces
Setup: 1 Fox, 2+ hounds, 2 x DS

  • Fox gets designated and moves to the start point.

  • Hound(s) are designated, and they move to another start point.

  • At 12:00 Fox gets mission: move around London and take photos of key buildings, send them back to elude and finally end up at a designated location to meet contact.

  • At the same time the hounds gets their mission: Find and apprehend fox. To help they get photo(s) of the fox and also get photos sent by the fox (leaked from elude)

  • The game ends when the fox completes his/her mission by reporting to their contact or if one of the hounds intercepts them.

In 2010 this was actually played-out in London with two teams.

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