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Faversham is a historic town of some 20,000 people located on the north Kent coast between Sittingbourne, Whitstable and Canterbury. It is world famous for it's lovely winding creek, period houses, old pubs (complete with exposed beams and open fires) and various festivals that go on throughout the year. Faversham also has some of the richest people in Kent.

West Street
This is West Street. It leads from the town centre, past various shops, past The Sun Inn, over the road and eventually past the duck pond.

Faversham Creek
The town is well known for the creek that winds through various estates, under a small bridge, past two lovely restaurants, Standard Quay, the marshes and finally links-up with Oare creek before joining the Swale, which is a tidal channel of the Thames estuary that separates the Isle of Sheppey from the rest of Kent.

The creek's two banks are named "Town" and, if you go over the bridge, "Brents" (sometimes referred to as "Front Brents").

Posillipo Restaurant
A few minutes walk from the town centre is a new block of houses located by the creek including Posillipo, an Italian restaurant well known for its traditional Neapolitan cuisine prepared using local ingredients.

In front of this restaurant is a small bridge that overlooks the creek. This is a perfect place to sit in the summer with a glass of wine and watch the boats float past while putting the world to rights with a friend.

Faversham Creek
There are many houses situated on both sides of the creek, many have moorings for various types of water craft including cruisers, barges and sailing boats.

On the left (Brent side) you can see "The Reach", which consists of three blocks of houses surrounded by a high wall. Further down are some very new houses and behind those are a small industrial estate.

On the right (Town side) there is a private walkway that allows access to some new houses.

The Albion
On the Brents side of the creek is The Albion Taverna, a Mexican restaurant in a candlelit boathouse with beams and willow tree views, plus outdoor seating.

To the left (in the photo) is a small car park and a small patch of grass. This is often the site of small festivals.

About 1Km down the creek (Town side) is Standard Quay. Here you will find a restaurant (serving coffee, tea, cake, ice-cream and small meals), a wine bar, various shops and many boats and barges.

The town has some well-known streets like :-

  • Abbey Street has some of the finest collections of period houses in England. Arden House and Arden Cottage lay halfway down. At the end if The Anchor Inn.

  • Standard Quay lays at the end of Abbey Street and here you will find The Secret Garden restaurant, Papa Pizza, Baltic House Wine Bar and Aladdin's Loft.

  • Belvedere Road runs along the creek and has some new houses with moorings. Posillipo Italian Restaurant is set directly by the creek, so you can watch the world float by while enjoying your meal.

  • Front Brents is on the other side of the creek where you will find The Albion Taverna Mexican Restaurant, The Reach and The Brents Industrial Estate.

  • Court Street runs through the middle of the town centre where you will find many of the shops and the market (Tuesday, Friday & Saturday). The HQ of Shepherd Neame is at the far end of the street before it joins Abbey Street.

  • West Street is split into two halves. The top half is pedestrian only and connects to Court Street. Here you will find many more shops, The Sun Inn, The Refinery and Tassells Solicitors. The bottom half is mostly houses leading to the Duck Pond and Davington.

  • Tanner Street is a mix of new and old houses, The Bull Inn and The Shrine of Saint Jude.

  • Preston Street has many shops, pubs and restaurants including Cosgroves, The Leading Light, The Moonlight, Kebab House, Domino's Pizza, The Limes and the Railway Hotel. Near the bottom it leads to Jacob Yard and Gatefield Lane.

  • Jacob Yard if a small courtyard with the following businesses: Kings Cuts Barbers, Prestige Beauty & Hair (formally The Yard), Optima Opticians.

  • Davington is a tiny village just on the outskirts of Faversham. There is a small church and The Priory where Sir Bob lives.

Faversham is a small town but a very busy one. Here is a list of businesses based in (or around) the town :-

  • Faversham Market was mentioned in the Domesday Book and located in the heart of Faversham's historic town centre, with the Guildhall (on legs), town pump and medieval buildings as a backdrop. They are very proud of their market, and its status as the oldest market in Kent.

  • Creek Creative is a large building located by the creek. It has studios for artists, a small cafĂ©, workshops and holds exhibitions.

  • Saxon Shore is a family-run estate agents created in January 2017 by brother-and-sister team Richard Gates and Liz Jeffery (who left in early 2020). Since their humble beginning, they have become a market leader in the Faversham housing market and are now the most sought-after sales and letting agents in Kent.

  • The town also has some famous residents: Sir Bob Geldorf (Boomtown Rats + Live Aid), Jan Chapel (Blake's 7), Paul Ritter (Friday Night Dinner), Isaac Hempstead Wright (Game of Thrones), Peter Blue (Entrepreneur, Investor & software developer), Helen Whately (Politician) and Princess Olga Romanoff (The Russian Ball)

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