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London is known the world over as the financial capital of the world, but it also has some of the best consulting companies in the world.

They cover all areas like :-

  • Strategy is the top level of decision making that is the domain of the C-suite and takes a top-down view of the business. It's where the most fundamental directional choices are made that affect every aspect of the business and will often need the external skills of strategy consultants.

  • Operations deals with things like process management, procurement, outsourcing and supply chain management to optimise their operational processes and enhance efficiency.

  • Financial deals with corporate finance, transaction services, restructuring, risk management, forensics, litigation and real estate.

  • Human resources (HR) deals with training, development, employee engagement (& satisfaction), conflict resolution, employee benefits, pensions and talent mobility.

  • Risk and Compliance compliance is the process of ensuring all organisations adhere to laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices and helps protect the organisation from risk.

  • IT with technology developing at a rapid pace, businesses need to keep up if they want to survive. IT covers area like systems integration, enterprise architecture, software management and data analytics.

  • Software is a powerful business tool when used correctly. Businesses often purchase complex software suites, so it's very important that they implement that software in the correct way as they will rarely work "out of the box" with out some form of configuring. These software suites cover following business processes: CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Enterprise resource planning, CMS (Content Management systems), supply chain management and HR (Human Resource Management)

  • Environment Companies can not reshape large areas of land when ever they feel like it. The environmental effects their activities must be accurately predictable, and they need to find ways to limit the damage and ensure that they are in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Consultants who operate in or around London :-

  • Clutch Has compiled a list of the Top London Human Resources Companies including DIT Software, People Business, Tiger Recruitment and SEED Recruitment. Details correct as of 2020 Nov.

  • Hunter Adams has an internal team that started up in over 30 countries or various businesses and have the tools and process the local information to help you. They also work to provide international HR support to companies who have decided to outsource. So whether it's a new office in London or just some advice and guidance on pay and benefits or local employment law Hunter Adams can help.

  • Fitzgerald HR are based in Richmond, London. They provide HR consultancy services to start-ups, established SMEs, charities, the public sector, the NHS, NGOs and large corporate businesses. Are you a London or South East based business seeking an HR consultancy partner ? Fitzgerald HR love to hear from you.

  • Green Element is an environmental management consultancy based in London and Edinburgh. They offer a range of Environmental Services to all types of organisations from small SMEs up to large corporations. Their experts can advise organisations (of any size) on a range of sustainability issues, from waste management and renewable energy implementation to environmental strategy, corporate responsibility and tenders.

  • HR Bridge Consulting is an international consulting agency specialising in Human Resources (HR), business transformation, project management and Brexit. They speak many languages including English and French.

  • Consultants in London This has a more up-to-date list of international and multi-lingual consultants who operate in London.

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