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London social scene
London is world-class for many things like hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, etc, but it is also a great place for networks and networking events.

London can be a very lonely place unless you know the right people and networks help you build-up a solid layer of good friends. Below is a list of some of the organisations that can help :-

The Luxe Club

  • The Luxe Club
  • Founded by Salima Manji in 2018.
  • They host exclusive member events at exquisite venues in Mayfair, Chelsea and Knightsbridge. From dinner parties to lunches and drinks evenings, they ensure their social calendar brings their members together to network and socialise.
  • Their Silver Membership level is aimed at those who are focused on building their London network. It’s also extremely beneficial to those new to London who wish to explore the very best restaurants and lounge bars in Mayfair and Knightsbridge.
  • Their Gold Membership is perfect for international members who enjoy luxury experiences from polo and golf weekend experiences, to City breaks and spa holidays.
  • Events in 2022 :-

    • Jun 10th - Polo (and Champagne) in the Park.
    • May 25th - Crypto Social at Jeru, Mayfair. Presentation by Kreston Reeves (Crypto Tax Experts).
    • Apr 20th - Crypto Social at Jeru, Mayfair.
    • Feb 24th - Crypto Social at Alberts Private Club, Chelsea. 85 (ish) professionals attended from all areas of the crypto industry: NFT, DeFi & BlockChain.

The Crypto Curry Club

  • The Crypto Curry Club
  • Based in London, UK
  • Founder: Erica Stanford, author of Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption
  • They create opportunities to build meaningful relationships, and exchange value through shared experiences on a range of topics from Blockchain, Digital Assets, Crypto to Tech for Sustainability. The Crypto Curry Club connects like-minded individuals to come together and affect real change that innovates our future while driving businesses forward.

TGN - The Golden Network

  • The Golden Network Coaching
  • They now offer online courses - this was a response to the CoronaVirus self-isolation requirements.
  • They are now international, with French and Swiss versions of their websites and online courses.
  • Founded by French entrepreneur Victoria Salem.
  • The original website has been closed.
  • LinkedIn workshops in London teach skills on how to use this resource.
  • Interview training in London to help you get that dream job.
  • When the original TGN was active, members were invited to special events like club launches.

    • 2019 Jan - TGN members were invited to a beer tasting event at Goose Island Brewpub, Shoreditch. More free beer !
    • 2017 Sep - TGN members were invited to the launch of a new club called 100 Wardour in Soho, London. Drinks were free !
    • 2017 Jan - TGN members were invited to the launch of a new piano bar, L'Etranger, in Kensington, London.

IF - Intelligence Forums

  • The aim of Intelligence Forums is to organise meetings throughout the year which will allow City Professionals with different skills to meet regularly.
  • They have many events throughout the year and often have joint events with other networks, including The Golden Network run by Victoria Salem.
  • The sponsors of their events are based in Central London and typically are involved with Finance, Insurance, PR the Arts and Companies marketing luxury products.
  • These events allow our members to chat and network, with like-minded proactive people, in a relaxed environment. This approach has the potential to allow professional relationships to develop to a deeper level than in more formal situations.
  • They run a number of events throughout the year. These are usually evening meetings with two or three speakers who highlight economic, investment or legal topics of general interest. They normally convene at six pm for a short reception. This is followed by thirty or forty minutes of talks and then one to two hours of informal discussion over refreshments.
  • Where members have overlapping interests, they can organise smaller events geared to the discussion of specific topics. Suggestions for these types of meetings may come from members themselves. Please contact Intelligence Forums if you have any ideas that you would like to develop.
  • Running in parallel with these professional events, they also organise evenings which are just for fun and may involve the promotion of lifestyle and luxury products.
  • Website

CEN - Cass Entrepreneurs Network

  • This is organised by the Cass Business School in London.
  • They have many events throughout the year.

EmW - East Meets West

  • Based in London, the East Meets West Club is the UK capital’s most exclusive UK-Asian private networking club, bringing together high profile professionals from all sectors.
  • Monthly events held in some of the capital’s most prestigious private clubs and venues, typically attract CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, company directors, and senior managers from leading blue-chip corporations and private enterprises.
  • Founded by Eve Li from Korea.

BSCC - British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

  • The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) main objective of which is to encourage and facilitate trade between the two countries.
  • Activities include member meetings, seminars, trade missions to Serbia, joint cooperation with other similar trade organisations, opportunities, contacts with experts in various fields and business networking.

ASW - A Small World

  • ASW is an exclusive, paid-subscription social network, which relaunched in the spring of 2013 as a private international travel and social club.
  • Peer-recommended and verified user base capped membership at 250,000 people.
  • Website


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