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Mahiki was the brainchild of Piers Adam, David Phelps and Nick House. It opened it's doors in October 2006 and has grown to become one of the world’s most famous night spots as well as an institution, with an array of fabulous awards behind it. The club has two locations in London, one in Dover Street, Green park and the other in Kensington.

It was named after the Polynesian path to the underworld. Mahiki is famous for its internal Polynesian themes, including a lounge styled like a beach which is illuminated with an atmospheric glow. The cocktails, which are known around the world, attract rum connoisseur from all over the planet to come over to London, UK and party in either the Lanai Lounge or Aloha Party Room. Mahiki's most spectacular cocktail is the Monkey Brain because it smokes (see video) and is only surpassed by the Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster. The brave lady drinking it in the video is Sarah, when last we checked, is still alive.

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