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A patent box is a special very low corporate tax system used by many countries to encourage research and development by taxing patent revenues differently from other commercial revenues.

It is also known as intellectual property box regime, innovation box or IP box.

Below is a list of professionals (finance, funding, lawyers, attorneys) that handle international patents and patent boxes :-

  • UK United Kingdom

  • Intellectual Property Office handles intellectual property (including crime & infringement), trade marks, patents, copyright, designs, law & practise.

  • UK → London

    • London IP offers a full range of Intellectual Property Services. Our experienced team identifies which services fit with your requirements, executing their work with the highest degree of professionalism and putting the needs of you and your business first every time.

    • Accelerate Funding will discuss and plan Patent Box applications and various government grants, including Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS). On 1 April 2013 the UK Patent Box scheme first took effect. Companies requiring UK Patent Box tax relief saved a total of £343 million in the scheme’s first fiscal year. More UK-based companies are likely to opt in to the scheme as time progresses.

    • See London Law for more details on the various companies and government organisations that deal with patents and patent law.

  • UK → Birmingham

    • Forresters can show you how a patent be a useful asset to your business? Just as R&D tax credits are available for companies that invest in creativity and innovation, so now is UK Patent Box relief.

    • Marks & Clerk The firm was founded in 1887 in Birmingham (UK) which gave them strong links to the local universities. Over a period of over 125 years, their European and UK Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys have acquired great expertise in protecting innovation produced by the industries based in the Midlands, including automotive, manufacturing, life sciences, chemical, electrical, food and drink and mechanical.

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