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I know we are supposed to be full of love and understanding, but sometimes it can get too much, sometimes you encounter such stupidity, ignorance and plain cluelessness that you are forced to resort to pure hatred. Below is a list of the things that make my blood boil :-

  • You are in a coffee house or restaurant during the winter. The door is kept closed to retain the limited warmth. Someone just walks in and sits down, leaving the door wide open. They then sit there complaining how cold it is !

  • Same situation. Someone opens the door, pokes their head round and then yacks with a friend inside. They then yack and yack and yack while the rest of us get colder and colder.

  • People who ask you a question and then talk over the top of you.

  • Websites that flood visitors with a constant stream of nag-screens, pop-ups and in-your-face adverts.

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