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We've all done it. You meet an interesting person at a party, swap business cards, party-on and eventually go home. You wake the next morning, switch-on your computer/laptop and Google them - Who Seeks Who ?

Did you ever wonder if it was possible to know if they knew that you Googled them ? ... or have you ever thought: who is searching for me ?

XR1 (Experimental Research One) is developing such a service called BackWatch and has just taken it out of stealth mode.

This system tries to detect if anyone is searching for you. It works by having articles written about you on various online magazines (AKA Honeypots) with an embedded tracking tag. Those articles are then promoted on Google using standard SEO/SEM techniques.

When someone does a Google search on your name and clicks on one of those articles, their IP address, browser type and the date are logged and analysed. After a lot of junk-filtering, the results can be displayed.

More to come ...

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