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Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry, business and finance. Other definitions include: scientific knowledge applied to the development of machinery and equipment. Knowledge used with engineering or applied sciences.

There are many branches of technology, here are a few that we have written about :-

Electronic Components
like resistors, capacitors, inductors (coils, choke), diodes, transistors, ICs (Integrated Circuits), valves (Tubes) right up to computer memory chips.

Silent Computers
Computers should be seen and not heard... unless they are playing my favourite video.

This is one person's story on how they finally created workstations and servers that make absolutely no noise. No fans, no spinning disk-drives and no noisy PSU, just totally silent computing power.

Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) is the process of building websites that give Google (and other search engines) all the information they need to fully index them, or at least do nothing to repel them. This process involves the careful writing of content, skillful use of HTML meta-tags like TITLE, DESCRIPTION, the ALT tag in images and other media.

This often gets confused with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is the process of encouraging traffic to said website with carefully placed and relevant links from around the web.

Here are some vaguely related articles on technology and the web :-

  1. Can I hide my conviction from google searches Imagine the scenario. You apply for a few jobs and you wait. Weeks go past without a response from any of them and you begin to wonder what happened. Did they get your email ? Could they open your CV Word document ? Did you mistype your phone number or email ?

  2. How Can I Hide Hostile Articles About Me Getting a job is hard enough but what would happen if your employer Googled your name one day and found articles that painted you in a bad light. There is a good chance you would not get the job and, worse still, you would not know the reason why.

  3. How Can I Hide My Drink-Driving Charge From The Internet Your boss basically says they don't want anyone with a criminal record in any executive position in the company, and to that end, they will not be promoting you for the foreseeable future.

  4. How can I hide a false rape accusation from the web All it started at an after-party in London. These days everyone can find almost any info on you, your friends and family. Often they are just doing due diligence for a major contract and to satisfy major shareholders that employing you wont generate any backlash.

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