Crypto events London
The Luxe Club's Crypto Social event is for anyone based in (or around) London to meet people interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi and NFTs. In 2022 most of the events were held in Jeru (Mayfair), although plans are afoot to explore other venues.

  • Blockchain Events are for London-based developers working on blockchain related projects, which by extension, includes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

  • DeFi Events are for people interested in De-centralised Finance (FinTech) who live (or work) in London.

  • NFT Events are for people interesting in Non-Fungable Tokens and related projects.

  • Metaverse Events are for people interested in virtual reality (VR), virtual worlds, augmented reality (AR) and related technologies. It might also interest 3D modellers based around London.

  • More details on crypto-related events in London can be found here.

Alberts Club
Salima Manji (2nd from the left) networking with friends at Albert's Club in Chelsea.

The evening included a presentation about NFTs and The Metaverse.

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