Andrew went downstairs to the wine cellar to continue the Phase Two process. He removed a few bottles of Richebourg Grand Cru (1985) into a crate and went upstairs to the lounge.

"Hey ! what yer doing ? are we having a party ?" said Susan looking at the crates of wine Andrew was carrying. "I was wondering when you would get round to drinking those ! such a waste of good plonk not to drink it !"

"What !!" said a very startled Andrew "Oh, these ..." he recovered his composure "... insurance needs me to test them every few years." he lied. He noticed that Susan had gone bright red.

"Tested ?" enquired Susan nervously.

"Yes. I'll be back soon. " After she ratted him out to the tax man, he didn't really like talking to her, and he couldn't get rid of her because she knew too much about his tax-evasion and other offshore activities. Liam and associates gave him the best opportunity to get rid of her and keep his wealth. He put the crate in his car and drove off.

She waited for him to get a hundred yards down the road and went upstairs to her bedroom. She removed a small web-cam and an old laptop from her wardrobe and took them to the cellar. She strategically placed the web-cam near the safe, so she could see the keypad. She placed the laptop in an old chest and ran the power cable to the nearest socket.

"That stingy old fart has at least 5 Rolex watches in there. That should fetch a few grand." she thought as she laid the cable behind some pipes. She plugged it into the laptop, ran a special program that one of her friends had written. She looked at the screen and moved the web-cam so the keypad was in view. The software would start recording if someone tried to open the safe and the resulting video would expose the combination. Satisfied she went upstairs and continued to watch some TV.

The front door opened and slammed shut "I'm home !" shouted Andrew carrying the same crate he left with

"Hi honey !" shouted Susan with fake affection "So, did they pass ?" she asked a little anxiously.

"Oh, yes." Lied Andrew. In fact the Phase Two team had discovered one of the bottles was fake. The assumption was Susan had sold the real one for cash hoping Andrew wouldn't notice. There was nothing they could do about it now, but it would be much easier to frame Susan for it later on. He went downstairs to the cellar and replaced the empty bottle slots with the fake wine bottles. He went to the safe, tapped-in the combination and opened the door. Inside were about eight Rolex watches and bundles of £50 notes. He removed them all, put them in a small bag and shut the door. Susan watched the live feed on her phone.

"OK. I'm off out again." said Andrew walking to the front door.

"Again !!" said Susan.

"Yes. This is last time today." said Andrew "I'll be back in an hour. Can you get dinner ready ?"

"OK. Steak pie and chips ?" asked Susan.

"Yes, that will be fine." Andrew left the house and drove away. Susan waiting a short while and went downstairs to the safe in the cellar. The video was a bit dark and fuzzy, but she tried the combination. The safe door opened, and she removed a Rolex at the back. She closed the door and went upstairs. She put on her coat and went out. She knew a guy who would give her a good price for a Rolex, so she made her way there.

"I'll give you £20 for it." said her friend.

"WHAT !!" screamed Susan "It's bloody Rolex !!"

"A FAKE Rolex" replied the man "I have been doing this a very long time. This Rolex is fake."

"How do you know it's fake ?" shouted Susan.

"Because a real Rolex second hand sweeps, a fake one jumps like most watches" said her friend.

"FUCK !" screamed Susan. "Whatever - Thanks." she angrily walked out of the shop and back home. "Why would he pay for fakes ?" she thought as she prepared the vegetables. While dinner cooked she went downstairs and replaced the Rolex. She wondered if she could do the fake wine swap again. Dinner would be awhile, so she flopped down on the sofa and watch some more TV. As she watched some crap program, she couldn't shake the feeling that something was very wrong. In fact the last month had been very weird with Andrew making lots of trips here, there and everywhere. Often he was carrying bags to and fro like he was preparing for something.

"Ah, we've been expecting you." said the man in the SUV parked under a bridge. "Leave your mobile and wallet in the car but take your bag and get in. I assume you've bought every thing because there is no going back now." The other man did as requested and got in. A third man got out of the SUV and got into the first man's car. Both vehicles drove away.

Susan laid the table and looked at the clock on the wall. He had been gone for a lot more than an hour. She dished out her dinner and ate it while watching the evening news. After a while she sent him a text asking when he would be home.

"That stupid old fart is probably gambling again !" she thought remembering many occasions when some dodgy looking men had knocked on the door demanding payment. She realised that he hadn't answered her text, so she went upstairs to his office to see if he had left his mobile behind again. She saw a final tax demand on the table, the amount was huge.

"Serves him right." she thought "He should have given me that £50K, I'm worth it." after a while she thought she remembered that he had paid that tax demand - so what was going on. She saw a few letters from gambling companies demanding payment. She went downstairs and continued watching TV.

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