"Harry !" shouted Emily by the front door "I'm just popping out for coffee with the girls at the new arty place in town, shall I bring you anything ?"

"No thanks." shouted Harry still typing on his mobile phone.

"OK, see you later." she shouted as she closed the door. She walked to her car, jumped in and drove away.

Harry waited for a few minutes for her to get past the first corner and went to his laptop. He opened the lid, clicked the Skype icon, selected "Andy" from the contacts and clicked the "call" icon. The person he was called wasn't called Andy and wasn't male. A pretty blue-eyed blond woman answered.

"Hey you !" she said.

"Hi babes, what yer doing ?" enquired Harry.

"Oh, just catching up with some box-sets." she said.

"Which one ?" enquired Harry.

"OITNB" came the reply.

"WTF !" he exclaimed.

"Orange Is The New Black silly !" she replied laughing "It's so funny, I love it ! ... by the way, where is the wrinkly one ?"

"She out with her coven to some boring arty farty place in town." he replied.

"Well why not come over here ... you won't be bored ... I promise" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Cool, lets do it. I'm tired of her saggy old arse anyway." he said closing the laptop lid. Unknown to him, the entire conversation had been intercepted and analysed by some AI software running deep inside his laptop. It understood that the sentiment of the conversation was anti-Emily and the intent to be unfaithful. It passed this information back to an unmarked server in London.

Ten minutes later Harry arrived at Anna's place and eleven minutes later they were in bed totally unaware that the microphone in Harry's phone had now been turned on and was sending their conversion back to that same unmarked server.

"So ... are you going to leave old crinkley bottom ?" enquired Anna.

"What ! and miss out a massive pay-out ?" said Harry "No, I need to find a way to separate her from her money." he added.

"Yeah. I wish the old hag was dead !" Anna replied "Are you in her will ?".

"Yup, I got that sorted a few months back in case the old hag died." replied Harry "Do you have any friends in low places that might be up for a little job ?".

"Hmmm, perhaps." Anna replied as she leapt on top of him again.

The microphone in Harry's phone continued sending their conversation back to the server. Somewhere deep in the software the phrase "I wish the old hag was dead" triggered something.

"Emily, whats wrong ?" asked one of her friends seeing a tear run down her face.

"Oh nothing, just remembering a line in some silly movie." Lied Emily as she read the text message on her phone: "Your partner & friend are planning to kill you, suggest we move to Phase 2. Meet to discuss ?".

She put down her phone. This was the part she had been dreading, Harry was a young handsome man, but deep down she always knew it was her fortune that had kept him in her life, and sometimes in her bed. Phase Two would change everything and her life would literally never be the same again. She picked up her phone and replied "OK 10am tues".

"OK, see you soon." Said Emily as she left her friends and walked down the road. She go into her car and drove back home. She pulled up in the drive way, got out and went inside. She didn't really expect Harry to be there but just to be sure she called his name and got no answer. She went upstairs to the study and sat by her Mac. After logging on she saw an email she had been dreading :-

"Dear Emily, Attached is a recording made about an hour ago from Harry's phone. We can meet to discuss if required. Regards WPS Team."

"old crinkley bottom ! ... that cheeky bitch !" Thought Emily wondering if it would be a whole easier just to have Anna and Harry shot.

"Bitcoin !" exclaimed Emily as she continued to read the email. "Mixer ! ... tumbler !!" she had never heard of these before, but she needed to get her head around them, so she kept reading on how to make large sums of money vanish from one place and magically reappear somewhere else.

"I'm home !" Shouted Harry closing the door. Emily logged-off from the Mac and went down stairs.

"Where did you go ? Anywhere interesting ?" asked Emily knowing full well the answer would be a lie.

"Oh, just hung with the guys." lied Harry.

"OK, I'll go out and get some food. Anything you fancy ?" she asked.

"No, thanks, I had a bite with the guys." Lied Harry again.

She closed the front door, got into her car and drove into town. After waiting in line for her food she got back into her car and went to put the key in the ignition. She heard a phone buzz and took her phone out to answer it, but to her surprise it wasn't ringing. She traced the buzzing to another black phone that had been dropped into her bag while in the queue. She looked on the screen to see "Phase 2" was calling her. She knew what it meant.

"Hello !" she said. The voice on the other end explained what she had to do now. She put the black phone back in her bag, started the car and drove home. When she got through the front door she quickly remembered why she had signed-up to the service. Sprawled on her very expensive sofa was Harry, a lot of beer stains and a burn mark from a cigarette that had dropped from his hand.

"Ugh ! He's gotta go." she thought as she went upstairs to her study. She pulled out the new black phone and re-read the text message. She downloaded the TOR+Firefox bundle onto her Mac and ran it. She typed "wealth preservation service" into the search bar and looked at the results. She checked the message on the phone and clicked "Wealth Preservation Service - Phase 2". It needed a password so she typed it in. She was confronted with a screen full of details about Harry's activities, web searches, voice recordings and location data taken from his phone. After listening to Harry and Anna plan her death she started to weep. After a few minutes she opened her copy of her will on the screen and made a few changes. She picked out a few more valuable personal items and put them in a box ready to be put into storage arranged by the Phase Two team.

"I must remember to take that to my lawyer tomorrow." she thought. Phase 2 would be a lot of work and would also take a while to prepare and execute. She had a fair bit of cash tied-up in peer-to-peer lending websites, so she got to work unwinding them. It would take a while for all her cash to be removed, but she would take it out a bit at a time keep her activities under the radar for a while.

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