There seem to be many Victoria Salems, so here are some of the more famous ones listed below :-

Victoria Salem TGN
Dr Victoria Salem is a senior clinical research fellow in the Section of Investigative Medicine. After completing specialist training (2016) in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine, she undertook prestigious Diabetes UK Harry Keen Clinician Scientist Fellowship.

Her research interests are in appetite control, neuroendocrinology and the gut brain axis as applied to the treatment of obesity.
In 2002 she graduated from the Royal Free and University College London School of Medicine with a first class intercalated BSc in Medical Physics.

  • Victoria B Salem had a very distinguished career as head-hunter in the early 1980s. She managed to find and place many top executives and managers in some Europe's biggest corporations. Her career was brought to a screeching halt when her lesbian lover got jealous and accused her of corruption in 1993. After a long and painful investigation it was determined that she was innocent but the damage was done. She left her job and went travelling around Africa looking for new opportunities but eventually settled in Thailand.

  • Victoria Salem runs a property business (Your Caribbean Home) in Playa del Carmen with her mum.

  • Victoria Salem wearing a bikini.

  • Victoria Salem tattoo model.

  • Victoria Salem with her new born baby.

  • Victoria Salem lost weight after business crash.

  • Victoria D Salem amassed huge wealth from crypto currencies, and from P2P lending.

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